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How can we provide the best services so that people can enjoy the fascinating Korean Style BBQ at home? As one of the largest Korean butchers in SA, we have been working hard to provide the best quality meats and service to our customers since 2011. We have our branches at THEBARTON and GILLES PLAINS and supply high-quality meats to the wholesale market, as well as retail customers.

We are passionate

"We are working hard to bring our customers unique products that are unavailable anywhere else"

We are proud to have been able to recreate the experience of Korean barbeque so that customers can enjoy it at home.

Authentic Quality Meat

"Fresh, Premium Quality Meat & Korean Style BBQ Meats"

We are challenging ourselves to provide the highest quality to meet your daily needs. Not only that, we offer regular cuts of meat, but we also specialise in authentic Korean-style cuts. BARUN MEATS will meet your needs for authentic Korean BBQ meats.


A: 87 South Road, Thebarton, SA 5031 P: 08) 8443 8019 E: thebarton@barunmeats.com.au


A: 10A/511 North East Road, Gilles Plains, SA 5086 T: 08) 8266 2129 E: gillesplains@barunmeats.com.au

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All our meat is of the highest quality and always
fresh to offer you that will suit your every day need.

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